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commerial slate roofing tile

Whether designing a new building or re-roofing a stately home, Vermont slate tiles make a lasting and beautiful roofing option. Dense and exceedingly durable, the natural beauty of slate roofing is a classic choice favored by builders for centuries, imparting security and lasting curb appeal.


Slate Roofing Tile

Why Choose PetraSlate Vermont Slate Roofing?

  • Lasting Beauty
    Available in many colors, sizes, and textures, Vermont natural slate tiles can be applied in a nearly infinite variety of patterns to create the perfect architectural effect. Easily matched to any building style, slate tiles provide a beautiful, lasting roof surface.
  • Durability
    Vermont slate roofs can last a century, reducing the need for re-roofing to deliver lasting value. How have slate roofs been proven to last? Some buildings in the northeastern U.S. over 200-years old still carry their original slate roofs.
  • Selection
    Slate tiles come in a wide assortment of colors, sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and textures, allowing you to bring your architectural vision to life.
  • Weather Resistance
    With extreme weather on the rise, choosing a hardy roofing material is essential to preventing catastrophic damage. Highly durable, PetraSlate slate roofing is resistant to storm and hail damage. Our products are Class 3 and 4 hail-rated and ASTM S1 certified to provide 75+ years of lasting beauty.
  • Water Resistance
    Extremely dense, the unique composition of slate roofing tiles make them waterproof.
  • Fire Resistance
    Slate is among the most fire-resistant roofing options available. The naturally fireproof composition of slate tiles can prevent airborne sparks from neighboring buildings and wildfires from igniting.
  • Ease of Maintenance
    Extremely resistant to mold and mildew growth, Vermont slate tiles rarely require cleaning. In the rare event of tile damage, repair is minimal, with only individual damaged tiles requiring replacement. Unlike composite shingle roofing, which must be replaced every 20-30-years or more depending on weather, slate roofing can last 75+ years, reducing the need for cumbersome re-roofing.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    One-hundred-percent natural and long-lasting, slate tiles do not contain any toxic chemicals, adhesives, or sealants. The low environmental impact of natural slate roofing makes it a top-choice for sustainable building design. Sourced locally from Vermont, it is incredibly long lasting with a low carbon footprint. It won’t fill up space in landfills or pollute the environment, and can even be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

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Your Source for Premium Natural Slate Tiles

Sourced from Evergreen Slate Company, the largest supplier of premium Vermont slate in the country and a leader in the slate roofing industry since 1916, PetraSlate Vermont slate roofing tiles are carefully crafted to ensure lasting use. Evergreen slate tiles can be found atop thousands of the nation’s most elegant homes, churches, universities, libraries, and government buildings, in-use for over 90-years since the company’s inception, a testament to their longevity. Quarried in Vermont and carefully graded and selected, each slate tile is sourced from the most molecularly strong rock to provide unmatched quality, ensuring each Evergreen Vermont slate tile is exceedingly tough and durable. Hand-cut, each tile requires 10 or more hours to produce and is designed with a specific architectural purpose and style in mind.


Vermont Slate Roofing Colors

Vermont slate roofing comes in a wide assortment of colors, sizes, textures, and shapes including field slate, starter slate, and hip and ridge slate, allowing you to achieve a variety of architectural effects. Evergreen slate roofing is sourced from two-dozen different quarries, offering a range of distinct color choices, including several distinctive blends, to help you achieve maximum curb appeal. Evergreen Vermont slate roofing colors include:

  • Traditional Slate Varieties
    A natural stone, slate tiles may change in color of time as they weather. To lessen the likelihood of color changes, look to the ‘unfading’ varieties below.

      • Semi-Weathering Gray-Green
        semi-weathering gray-green slate roofing tileStrong and durable, the gray-greens of these tiles gradually soften with exposure to weather, creating added visual interest without detracting from durability. A top choice for building with stone architecture and for mixed color combinations.


      • Semi-Weathering Gray
        semi-weathering gray slate roofing tileTraditional slate gray tiles, some solid and some with small black markings. Expect weathering to buff/tan with 15-20% of tiles.


      • Mottled Gray-Black/Canadian Black
        slate roof tilesGray tiles featuring darker, grayish-black mottling. Some weathering possible.


      • Vermont Black
        vermont black slate roofing tileA popular choice, with minimal fading. Tiles that do weather provide an exciting blend of dark gray tones.


      • Royal Purple
        royal purple slate roofing tileA beautiful dark purple hue. Mostly consistent; however, some tiles may showcase small green markings. A great contrasting color for lighter architecture, or for adding harmony to structures with brick walls. Some weathering to tan/buff possible.


    • Variegated Purple
      variegated purple slate roofing tileSlate tiles with tones varying from predominantly green to predominantly purple. Expect 15% to weather to buff/tan.


  • Unfading Slate Varieties
    Unfading or ‘permanent’ slate varieties, as classified by the National Slate Association, experience only slight color changes with age.

      • Unfading Mottled Green & Purple
        mottled green-purple slate roofing tileA unique shade, ranging from soft tones of purple to green in each tile.


      • Unfading Red
        unfading red slate roofing tileThis hard-veined red is similar in tone to Spanish mission tile.


      • Unfading Green
        unfading green slate roofing tileA classic slate green, with varying shades.


    • Unfading Gray
      unfading gray slate roofing tileBattleship gray with some darker, cloudier markings.


  • Vermont Slate Roofing Blends
    These distinctive Evergreen blends are designed to help you achieve maximum curb appeal for your most prestigious projects:

      • Manor Blend
        An elegant mix of soft greens, purples, and grays that will weather to more delicate buff/tan tones.


      • Imperial Blend
        An eye-catching mix of small tiles in rare colors such as those seen topping the majestic castles of Europe.


    • Vermont Splendor Blend
      This blend of unfading grays and greens in graduated lengths and random thicknesses is ideal for projects requiring special attention to detail. Each project requires shop drawings to ensure proper application.

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Looking for a lasting roofing solution that can withstand the test of time? Contact PetraSlate and learn more about our wide selection of Vermont slate roofing products, or stop by our warehouse to view our colorful array of slate roofing tiles today.

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