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Slate for roofing material has been used on buildings of significance for hundreds of years. It is most desirable for it’s beauty and durability. As a matter of fact, there are 200-year-old buildings in the Northeastern US that still have the original slate roofing! We at PetraSlate supply quality slate roofing through our network of roofing companies all throughout Colorado.

Why Slate for Roofing?

Composite roofing, while more economical, does not last. Most property owners throughout the Midwest have at one point had to deal with roof damaged by severe weather. According to National Hail Statistics, more than two million roofing claims where filed in 2012. With severity of weather on the rise, it has become a matter of not if your roof will be damaged, but when. More durable roofing materials like slate are much more resistant to hail damage.

Not all slate is strong enough at the molecular level to be manufactured into roofing tiles. Only veins of slate running deep in the earth that have been compressed by immense weight and millions of years are hard enough for slate roofing. This is the slate that PetraSlate sources from some of the oldest quarries in the US. The raw material pulled from a quarry then goes through a complex set of procedures – most too fragile to be done by a machine, so they are done by hand – to become a finished slate tile. The average time to make a finished piece of slate roofing can be over 10 man-hours!

PetraSlate sources these tiles by thickness, style, and color – all hand selected for the specific purpose and architectural style. It’s no wonder that slate tile roofing is more expensive than any other roofing material; it started as a common metamorphic rock, but it’s beauty is solely created by the skilled hands of man.

PetraSlate has the in-house expertise to help define any durable roofing product for any size job, from the individual residence to large commercial construction projects. Our relationships with roofing contractors and roofing manufacturers ensure that the right products are sourced for the application, the right amount of product is staged, the installation goes smoothly, and the warranty protection is solid long after the job is completed. PetraSlate is the go-to resource for quality, durable roofing materials and accessories throughout Colorado’s higher-end commercial and residential construction market. Stop by our warehouse to see the quality of roofing materials we have at the ready for any sized job

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