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Floor Tile in Denver

floor tile DenverAt PetraSlate we have long supported professionals in the Denver area home building and remodeling industries by providing only the highest quality natural stone floor tiles. We have always believed in providing this market with only the best because homes are the largest asset most people own and we believe they are not a place to cut corners on quality.

As our region has become a more popular place to live, it is becoming increasingly apparent that there is a growing housing shortage developing. According to experts, since 2012, Colorado is about 55,000 homes and apartments short of meeting demand. As we all well know from living here, the northern Front Range is the focal point of the lion’s share of that housing stock shortfall.

Constrained supply facing increased unmet demand means that the prices of both new and existing housing stock begins to skyrocket. This distortion of the market creates a temptation to be slapdash on both new construction and remodeling projects, the hope being that desperate buyers will simply accept less for their dollar out of a lack of alternatives. This is misguided. An overheated housing market is exactly the time to install high quality products, like natural limestone, marble, slate or travertine floor tiles as we carry at PetraSlate.

Why Go With High Quality in a Hot Market?

Ironically, for the same reason you should be tempted to go with higher quality appointments in a normal housing market—to provide differentiation from competing properties.

In new construction, going with natural stone floor tiles is yet another selling point over a property that goes with, say ceramic tiles to cut costs. The cheaper material is a false economy. The discerning buyer, who might already feel as if he or she is overpaying, could make a feature like natural stone floor tiles a “tiebreaker” between two similar properties. Unlike upgraded faucets, or Brand X versus Brand Y appliances, the contrast between natural stone floor tiles, and their lesser “substitutes” is both stark and durable compared to appliances and the like.

Remodeling is another place where real stone floor tiles carry increased value. In an overheated market, property taxes shoot up, but the assessments are either paper or drive by calculations. If the owner of an existing property wants a touch of luxury the assessors cannot see, natural stone tiles are one way to achieve that.
Our inventory of natural stone floor tiles in Denver continues to grow to meet demand. For samples or more information on floor coverings that set projects apart, contact us today.

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