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What’s the Best Shower Tile?


shower tile

Shower walls should be durable and easy to clean while complimenting the rest of the bathroom area with attractive colors and highlights. Certain materials like mosaic tiles and even slate are fashionable, yet these can be difficult to install and less durable than large, beautiful tile products from PetraSlate Tile and Stone.

For shower material, homeowners demand durability, water resistance, attractiveness, and ease of maintenance. Only tile receives the high scores for all four criteria.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shower Surround Materials

Mosaic tiles, while an attractive alternative, require considerable labor and precision to install. Moreover, mosaics can be harder to clean than larger tile applications because of the irregularity of the surface and the tiny group seams.

Slate materials can also be a stunning addition. However, the stone is semi-porous and requires frequent sealing. Soapy water causes deterioration and discoloration of the stone material over time.

Fiberglass and acrylic shower wall materials are commonly used, inexpensive, and reasonably attractive. However, these products tend to very susceptible to scratches and yellowing as time passes. The primary advantage of fiberglass is low cost and easy installation since these often come as one-piece units.

Tiles for Showers

Larger tiles are an ideal material for walk-in showers and shower surrounds. Beautiful, low-cost, easy to install, and extremely durable, the product is available in sheets, so the application is simplified. Tiles are glazed with a protective coating and baked into a water-resistant material. They are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures to create just about any desired design choice and ambiance.

Large Tiles for Walk-in Showers

Walk-in showers have become very common in new construction. The layout offers easy access and can provide a design benefit that allows the shower to fit in oddly shaped spaces, if needed. They are ideal for people with limited mobility and are easier to maintain, having less hardware to clean than showers integrated with bathtubs.

Properly installed by a professional tile installer, tile walk-in showers can last a lifetime and complement the beauty of any bathroom space. Tile shower surrounds and walk-ins are proving to be a wise investment over time.

Moreover, the wider grouting of larger tile pieces are far easier to clean than the tiny spaces between mosaic tile applications.

Choose Tile for Your Shower and Call PetraSlate

For more information about the application, benefits, and cost of large tile for your walk-in shower, contact PetraSlate Tile and Stone of Denver. The professionals at PetraSlate will be pleased to address all questions.

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