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Tips for Hardscaping with Natural Stone


slilvercreek hardscapeCreate a refined, one-of-a-kind look with natural stone hardscaping. The luxurious looks of natural stone are growing increasingly popular in outdoor design, adding a touch of elegance and a solid, permanent feel. Used to enhance the exterior architecture of your building or incorporated into deck and patio designs, natural stone delivers looks that stand out from more conventional materials.


7 Ways to Incorporate Stunning Natural Stone Hardscapes


  • Architectural Columns & Light Posts
    Add visual interest and prestige with natural stone ledgestone and stone veneer in a complementary hue to your building’s exterior. Incorporate with beautiful lighting for added dimension and to highlight your stone.
  • Multi-Story Decks
    Stone columns impart style and support when extended from the ground floor to the height of deck railing, connecting multiple levels into a distinct, unified design. Pro tip: Repeat your chosen style of stone throughout the space to ensure a cohesive feel.
  • Flooring
    Looking for a low-maintenance alternative to plain concrete? Installing natural stone, brick, and concrete pavers in today’s most popular patterns adds an upscale look and is a great way to highlight existing stone architecture.
  • Outdoor Kitchen & Dining Areas
    Add sophistication to outdoor kitchen and dining spaces, incorporating natural stone veneer into your design. Surround countertops and dining areas with ledgestone, visually balancing the look with other stone features, such as a stone or brick accented built-in seating and accent walls.
  • Outdoor Seating
    Built-in seating adorned with natural stone to match your building’s architecture adds value and function. It eliminates the need to replace expensive outdoor furniture year-after-year, providing comfortable seating while defining the borders of your building exterior.
  • Stone Accent Walls
    Define your space with stone accent walls. Place full or half accent walls against the structure of your building to accentuate ledgestone architectural additions without adding any weight. Incorporated with stone decking, architectural columns, and stone fireplace surrounds, stone accent and perimeter walls can enhance the exterior architecture of any home or business.
  • Outdoor Fireplace Surround
    A built-in outdoor stone fireplace adds drama and excitement to outdoor designs. The warmth of a stone fireplace addition draws people into its warmth and ambiance, creating a beautiful and functional design centerpiece.


Bring life to your space with the beauty of natural stone hardscaping. Find innovative new solutions for your upcoming building project with the help of PetraSlate today.

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