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Tile and Stone Company PetraSlate Offers Tips on Cutting Slate Tile

Petra Slate

Denver, CO – January 14, 2015 – Denver tile and stone company Petra Slate is offering tips on how to properly cut slate tile to achieve the look that you desire for your home. Although these metamorphic stones come in natural cleft, honed and polished finishes, proper tile cutting techniques are universal to all types and will ensure a proper installation that realizes your vision.

For those using un-gauged tiles, the color and thickness of each piece of tile will vary. Avoid using pieces of tile with thin, brittle sections and undesirable color patterns. Cut away the thinner areas and pieces of tile that you do not need and put them aside to use for the perimeter.

Another thing to watch out for when cutting your slate tiles is spall, which is a condition that results from small pieces of the slate’s surface clefts breaking free. If you notice excessive amounts of dust on your stone and small, loose chips, this is a sign of spall. As you are cutting slate tiles or any other tile variation, make sure to always wear eye protection and a dust mask to avoid danger.

Following the above tips from Petra Slate will ensure that your final tile job is as close to your vision as possible. No matter what kind of finish your tiles have, you can rest assured that the experience and knowledge offered by Petra Slate will help you find and cut the perfect tile pieces for your unique needs.

About Petra Slate

With 24 years of experience in the field, Petra Slate have remained steadfast in their goal of supplying the best premium grade slate tile for floors and walls. Quality products and great customer service will ensure that you choose a tile that suits your tiling vision in terms of color, hardness and material. For more information, visit https://petraslate.com/.

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