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Tile and Stone Company Petra Slate Provides a Guide for Natural Stone Slate Flooring

Petra Slate

Denver, CO – January 14, 2015 – Denver tile and stone company Petra Slate is offering their expertise on slate flooring to make the research and installation process as smooth as possible. With over 300 million years of history, this beautiful, natural stone flooring is a great way to inject some history into your home.

Natural stone floors can be carved out of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks, depending on the design that you want to achieve. Slate floors are considered metamorphic stone, meaning they were created as a result of high pressure and heat being applied to the rock while in the earth’s crust. Granite is a very common example of igneous stone, and both limestone and travertine fall into the sedimentary stone category.

Although in the past stone flooring was only purchased by a small group of people who could afford it, advancements in flooring technology have cut down the costs of the labor process and allowed slate floors to be available to the larger market. With natural stone quarries in Italy, Canada, Brazil, USA, Spain, China and Mexico, there is bound to be a stone type that suits your tastes and budget.

For anyone looking to spruce up the appearance of their home as well as increase its resale value, investing in a natural stone slate floor is a great way to accomplish these goals. Slate flooring not only looks good upon installation, the material is one that gets better with age, a quality that most flooring material does not posses. The extensive variety in slate tile choices and helpful service provided by Petra Slate will guarantee that your floor job is of high quality and reflects your vision as closely as possible.

About Petra Slate

Since their start 24 years ago,Petra Slate has grown along with the slate floor industry and remained one of the top providers of natural stone flooring to Denver residents and beyond. With their extensive knowledge of various types of natural stone and their use in flooring, Petra Slate can help you choose the natural stone that best fits your flooring needs. For more information, visit https://petraslate.com/.

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