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Installation Guidelines:

Versailles Patterns


Versailles 8SF & 16SF Patterns

Ledgestone Panels

Panels come in two sizes, 8×16 and 6×24 depending on country of origin. Medium bed mortar is recommended. Exterior rated mortars should be used for outside applications. The type of structure that the panels are being applied to will determine what type setting material is appropriate for the installation. Read the instructions on the bag as requirements will vary depending on the manufacturer. Work from the bottom of the wall upward. Coat the wall with a 1/2″ inch plus layer of mortar, covering slightly more than the width of each panel.

Apply a layer of mortar to the back of the panel and press firmly in place. To ensure maximum adhesion of each panel to the wall surface, use a rubber mallet to tap each panel into its final position and make sure it is level. Repeat this process adding panels in a linear direction (end to end). Offset the next course to help conceal the panel edges and proceed as above until the desired height is reached.

Mesh Mounted Flagging

3.65 SF per sheet

Entire installation area must be clean and flat, free of sealants, grease or other oily compounds. The subfloor or slab needs to be prepared with the proper underlayments, such as anti-fracture membrane, concrete backer board, etc.

We recommend dry setting the installation area. This will show how the entire area will be covered, will confirm you have enough material for the job and insure correct color placement.

Use a 3/4” rounded over notch masonry trowel. Use medium setting material with a heavier sand mixture than that of thin set.

Set the mesh flagging sheet in the same position as your dry layout. Press it firmly into the mortar bed to ensure that the mesh backing is embedded and that there is a bond between the stone and mortar. Allow the mortar to dry and check the manufacturers recommendation on curing time before grouting.

We recommend sealing all slate floors with a high quality sealer or impregnator made specifically for stone. Sealing will protect against spills and stains and make cleanup easier. There are many products on the market, some with color enhancers. Test the product you will be using prior to installation.

These are tips and general instructions only. Please refer to The Tile Council of America or the Marble Institute of America manuals or websites for more specific information.

mesh mounted flagging layout

Glass Mosaics

These are tips and general instructions only. The technical service departments of major setting material companies should be consulted regarding specific installation questions. All installation materials should be used according to the manufacturers instructions. The end user is responsible for determining the acceptability of the product. Installation constitutes acceptance.

Open and inspect each carton to confirm shading consistency. Randomly select 5 sheets from different cartons to establish color control during installation. Before installing tile, blend sheets from different cartons to establish color control during installation. As sheets are being installed, check them against control samples prior to placing them in the setting material to assure shade variations and quality.

We recommend using gray or white mortar or setting material to keep the color consistent with the product color.

Grouting may be done after tile is firmly set, usually 24 hours after installation. Do not use sanded grout as this may scratch the tile. Grout joints should be packed full and free of all voids, pits and mortar. Excess grout should be cleaned from the surface as the work progresses, while grout is fresh and before it hardens. Clean the surface with a clean, damp sponge. After the grout has dried use a clean, soft, dry cloth to polish off haze and remaining grout residue.

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