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Spotlight: Ledgestone Feature Walls

Ledgestone Denver

limestone natural veneer

Ledgestone feature walls are the cure for bland design. Forget paint and wallpaper. Natural stone veneer can turn any wall into a show-stopping architectural centerpiece. Adding color, texture, and sensory appeal, ledgestone walls invite you to reach out and touch.

Timeless and classic, stone has been used to enhance building design for centuries, incorporating seamlessly with any décor from modern to rustic. How can you put its beauty to work in your space? 

Tips for a Ledgestone Feature Wall that Shines

  • Choose a space to accent.

    Add a luxurious feel with ledgestone feature walls, creating a focal point, or highlighting architectural features in:

    • Living areas
    • Kitchen and dining spaces
    • Bedrooms
    • Bathroom shower and tub surrounds
    • Kitchen and bath backsplashes
    • Bar and island surrounds
    • Entryways
    • Corporate meeting rooms 
    • Offices
    • Fireplace surrounds
    • Atop unsightly interior masonry or brick
  • Carefully consider ledgestone options.

    Choose a ledgestone color or pattern that contrasts or blends with surrounding walls, searching online or in design magazines for inspiration.

  • Ensure proper installation.

    One of the many advantages of natural stone veneer is the ability to incorporate it without the need for structural changes. However, surfaces must still be properly prepared. Surfaces must be clean and free of paint, with metal lath affixed to hold the mortar mix. Concrete surface? Apply mortar directly, working in small areas to guard against setting before installing stone veneer. Start with corners first, then work from the top-down or bottom-up.

  • Carefully position lighting.

    The right lighting can bring your ledgestone feature wall to life. Choose low-voltage lighting, positioning the lighting angle downward to give your natural stone veneer maximum dimension. Avoid spotlighting your feature wall, as this can wash-out the texture of stone.


  • Don’t forget finishing touches.

    Adorn your feature wall with contrasting art, such as pieces adorned with metal and reclaimed wood. This makes your feature wall look finished. Carefully install with a masonry drill bit, anchors, and mounting rods for secure installation.  

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