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Slate for a New Roof Brings Old-World Charm To Any Structure

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There is no viable shortcut to weathered Slate Roofing in Denver other than time and the elements.

Slate Roofing in DenverDenver, Colorado – Slate roofing has a life expectancy of 75-100 years, getting more rustic and stately as each year passes. Many times, however, slate roofing will outlast the structure it covers. To fill the need for that desired weathered look that makes slate tile look so rich, contractors will carefully dismantle a slate roof and resell the tile as reclaimed.

The unique appeal to a home’s exterior is undisputed, however, reclaimed “weathered” slate has its pitfalls. Buyers should be careful when investing in slate that looks weathered because good quality weathered slate only gets to that condition one way: naturally, over time, in the elements.

According to PetraSlate, a leading authority in the industry for slate roofing in Denver,weathered slate is often a requested choice for newly constructed homes or for the re-roofing of custom residential homes.Weathered slates not only adds to the final look and appeal, but also makes the roof look older and more stately. But it’s important to understand the weathering process in detail prior to purchase to avoid any issues and problems in the long term.

After slate roofing tiles are quarried, it takes up to one year in the sun and elements to start looking weathered and browned. And the final result depends upon the quarrying time as well as the original color of the slate. Depending on the initial color of the slates, the transition and change of these slates to shades like buffs and browns can occur at a rate of approximately 10 to 20% during a span of six months or a year. This longer weathering process means that getting instant brown slates on your roof requires patience.

For quicker results and delivering instant brown slates that can be used on roof designs without the additional wait, some vendors offer reclaimed slate. Reclaimed slate, although available in feasible variety and quantity, are not ideal. In essence,the life expectancy of reclaimed slate has been reduced by its time already in the elements, which may affect the overall lasting ability of the roof. A better choice for homeowners looking for the dual advantage of appeal as well as durability is to go for newly quarried slates and then let the weathering process occur naturally.

“The best choice for home owners who are designing their home or are going for reconstruction is to go for newly quarried slate roofing in Denver,” Said Kristi Hada, PetraSlate CEO. “The advantages of newly quarried slate are many. You can find them in the color, thickness and style that you want, and the highest industry standard slates rated S1 can last up to 75 to 100 years when they are installed correctly. Plus,the weathering process occurs quickly in Colorado and you can achieve the look and finish that you desire in as little as six months to a year with new slate tiles.”

For slate roofing in Denver, it’s important to pay attention to the designed structure as well as durability and long lasting appeal. Going for newly quarried and high quality slate roofing in Denver allows you to take advantage of optimum life expectancy as well as a full warranty on the materials.

PetraSlate is the top ranking choice for residential and commercial slate roofing in Denver with a vast variety and guaranteed high-quality material. For more information, contact the company directly or take a look at their slate collection here.

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PetraSlate is one of the leading wholesalers of Slate floors and tile in the Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins areas. Working in the industry for 24 years, they have the largest inventory of slate products in the Rocky Mountain region. They offer a wide variety of natural slate, limestone, and travertine for roofing, flooring,and home decor imported from all parts of the world including China, Brazil, Mexico, India and Turkey. To learn more about the tile selection by PetraSlate, please refer to the following contact information.

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