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Why Sell Your Clients on Limestone Flooring?

Limestone Flooring Denver

Limestone flooring materials are beautiful, functional, and long-lasting. Since the tiles are cut from naturally occurring limestone, they have the most interesting and beautiful variations in design and color that make limestone tile among the most attractive.

Natural limestone is a product of nature. Formed from sand, mud, and shells of ocean life long ago dropping to the bottoms of oceans and lakes. Over time, the organic detritus hardens to form rock, usually with the striations and fossil imprints of the original shells.

Positive Attributes of Limestone Flooring

For over 25 years, PetraSlate Tile and Stone has long been dedicated to providing the highest quality flooring tile available. Their limestone tile is a terrific alternative to hardwood floors, though with more varied patterns and more resistance to damage. The muted tones of limestone tile create a highly sophisticated ambiance of elegance and good taste.

What other attributes of limestone tile are notable?

Affordable: Limestone tile is a high-value flooring option, affordable and less expensive than many other floor covering options.

    Compatible: Limestone tile ingrained patterns and colors are usually subdued and are more likely to match or be compatible with any surrounding features and color schemes.

    Easy-to-Maintain: Once sealed, limestone tiles resist dirt, grime, and bacteria development. This characteristic makes limestone tile perfect for kitchens and serving areas. The material only requires an occasional mopping depending upon what may have been dropped or spilled.

    Wide Selection: Like marble or granite, a natural product, not all limestone flooring tile is the same. Depending on the origin, you will have a broad choice of the available patterns and colors to match your décor. PetraSlate carries a substantial selection of limestone to meet customer preferences.

    It’s Extraordinarily Functional: One of the greatest attributes of limestone is its “softer” appearance. Most limestone has a texture that creates a sense of comfort that makes it perfect for areas like kitchen and bathroom floors – and this is especially applicable for floors with radiant floor heating. As with most stone, but especially with limestone, the tile must be sealed upon installation. The up side is a floor that is easy to clean and a long-lasting shine.

    A Plethora of Colors and Textures: Limestone is quarried with a variety of styles and colors – from dark browns to rich greys. Each color carries a unique appearance and a slightly different texture appearance, ensuring that there is an option for everyone’s tastes. If you’re looking for beauty and longevity, you have found it with limestone tile. To see the latest styles and colors available, stop by PetraSlate Tile and Stone in Denver.

Petra Slate has a continually evolving collection of stone, and as limestone becomes more popular with architects and builders, we will continue to increase our inventory. For more information regarding limestone tile for home and office, contact the experts at 303-280-9595.

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