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Selecting the Right Materials for Shower Walls and Floors


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Selecting the right tiles and coverings for shower floors and walls is not simply a matter of aesthetics, although all options typically come in a wide range of styles, colors. shapes, and patterns.

To break the monotony, an alternative accent feature may involve another decision.

The main criteria when considering your ideal shower cladding should be water resistance, durability, cost, and ease of maintenance.

Popular options for shower claddings include:

Fiberglass Single-Piece Units

are inexpensive, easy to install, maintain, serviceable, but usually not the first choice in high-end construction. Over time, these tend to show stains and scratches, eventually losing their luster.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

are durable, easy to maintain and attractive. Whether in large tile format, a 1”x 1” mosaic, or somewhere in between, ceramic and porcelain materials are durable and relatively easy to clean. Plus, ceramics have been designed to replicate the appearance of natural stone or even wood.

PetraSlate Tile & Stone offers quality name ceramic products by Belavita and Onix, and high-quality tiles for bathroom backsplashes and accents.

Natural Stone Tiles and Veneer

Natural stone tiles and veneers for showers offer the most elegant touch of all. Beautiful and reminiscent of high-end spas or ancient Roman baths, stone tiles impart a richness that other materials cannot. Classic and natural, marble, slate, and travertine tiles are popular options in top-end homes, particularly with those walk-through showers that have become popular in recent years.

For pure elegance, PetraSlate’s line of natural stone veneers for shower walls include slate, travertine, marble and ledgestone in a range of sizes and colors. Check out the stone veneer choices on the PetraSlate website.

The downside for natural stone is that these products tend to be somewhat porous and, over time, will absorb water and soap that causes discoloration. While more maintenance and complete sealing are required with natural stone veneers, many homeowners believe the beautiful and natural look is well worth the additional effort.

Contact PetraSlate for Shower Décor Ideas

PetraSlate Tile and Stone partners with many of the leading cladding manufacturers for interior and exterior construction  and remodeling projects. Whether your choice is ledgestone or stone veneers, stone tiles, or ceramic mosaic tiles, the PetraSlate Tile & Stone experts can advise and assist.

For information regarding their extensive line of tile and veneer products for bathroom use, see the PetraSlate website.

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