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New Dimensions

New Dimensions – Facts and Specifications:
What you need to know – Color range and texture can vary considerably from piece to piece. Do not make a stone selection without being familiar with the variations of color within each stone. We cannot hand select for specific color tones. Check the image chart at the bottom of this screen for contrast levels between the etched image and the surrounding area. Stain is suggested for all colors in the Fair and Low categories.

2-week lead-time – All New Dimensions by PetraSlate® decos and liner bars are made to order. Delivery is two weeks for standard catalog patterns. Rush orders are available in four business days for an additional fee.

Black areas etched – The areas shown in black on the styles presented on this web site (to view the styles, click on a category in the table at left) are where the stone will be etched. The image can be reversed (white areas etched) for an additional charge.

Stain – Stain can be applied to all New Dimensions items for an additional charge and is recommended for all colors in the Fair and Low categories in the Levels of Contrast Chart. Stain colors are Dark Brown or Charcoal. Stain must be applied when the deco/liner is manufactured. Items may not be returned to have stain added after you receive the product.

Sealing – Sealing with a high quality sealer made specifically for stone is recommended. However, some products can reduce or eliminate the visual contrast of the etched designs. Test the product you will be using!

Furnished material – You may supply material for etching for an additional charge. Lead-time is two weeks from receipt of the product. Please include a few extra pieces for testing and possible breakage in shipping. Leftover material will not be returned unless requested when the order is placed.

Levels of Contrast:
Refer to this chart before choosing a stone for New Dimensions items.
5 – High
4 – Moderate
3 – Average
2 – Fair
1 – Low

Coppers Mine

China Black

Grassy Green
Mountain Purple
Ocean Green
Silver Sands
Smoky Mountain
True Red

California Gold
Indian Multi
Jardine de Rosa
New Delhi Red
Tumbled Slates

Indian Copper
Ostrich Gray

This chart is a guide only – variations will occur within each stone.

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