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PetraSlate Tile & Stone Sales Reflect Dramatic Rise in Popularity of Mosaic Glass Tile

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Denver, CO – Glass tiles historically only served niche uses, mostly because they were unoriginal in style and color. But thanks to new technology and the creative demand from interior designers, the glass manufacturing industry has exploded in a new era of rich colors, interesting textures, and high quality mosaic glass tile. Denver’s PetraSlate Tile & Stone is meeting the construction industry’s demand with a vast amount of glass mosaic tile in stock, which establishes them as a reliable and convenient source for shipping all over the country.

According to PetraSlate Tile & Stone CEO, Kristi Hada, “Glass mosaics add a touch of uniqueness to any kitchen or bath creation.”This new trend is earning mosaic glass tiles a reputation as the hottest new tile option available for any construction or remodeling job.

One of the newest additions to PetraSlate Tile & Stone’s glass mosaic stock is the Calcutta, a neutral colored stone that harmoniouslybalances opaque white marble and glass. In addition, PetraSlate Tile & Stone offers a large selection of Italian Carrara marble mosaics from 2×2”s, planks, herringbone, basket weave and other unique combinations.

The rich look of mosaic glass tiles are causing a growing demand from architects and interior designers alike who are looking to create a truly unique look. Adding a mosaic as a backsplash achieves that unique look because there are limitless combinations that can be achieved. To learn more, contact PetraSlate Tile & Stone today by visiting their website at: https://petraslate.com/.

About PetraSlate Tile & Stone

PetraSlate Tile & Stone came into business primarily as a distributor of quality slate products when slate was considered an exotic stone in the 1990’s. Over the 24 years that they have been in business, they have continually expanded their selection of products to now include, slate, tile, stone, mosaic, and glass tile. Denver-based, PetraSlate Tile & Stone provides products to flooring companies, architects, tile installers, and construction craftsmen throughout the United States.

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