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PetraSlate Tile & Stone Enhance Organization Catalogue with Gladding, McBean Clay Roof Tile Products

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Cordova1Denver-based suppliers of industry-leading roofing products, PetraSlate Tile & Stone is now offering an extensive selection of clay roof tile products from manufacturer Gladding, McBean. Gladding, McBean, is a 138 year old company that creates fire-flashed tiles with rich colors and quality that is so reliable that they offer a 75-year transferable warranty on all of their tiles.
Colorado’s harsh environment is no match for clay roof tiles. The nature of the inorganic material creates a product that will not rot and can withstand freeze/thaw temperature extremes and the impact of hail. The extreme firing process of Gladding, McBean bakes the clay to a compressive strength of 400 pounds, a much higher rating than is required in ASTM standards. Another added benefit to this extreme firing is a deep, rich color that withstands fading.
Gladding, McBean tests each of the roof tile products they manufacture to ensure compliance with Grade 1 rating standards. The high-durability product is sought after by roofing contractors who are looking for premium products for their high-end home projects. And now, Colorado contractors have access to these leading-class tiles through PetraSlate Tile & Stone.
Within the PetraSlate Tile & Stone selection, clients will discover a range of Gladding, McBean clay roof tile styles. Styles available include Cotswold Shingles, which provide an element of classical panache to properties. The company also offers contemporary selections such as their Cordova-style tiles, which combine several shades to form a unique yet elegant roofing appeal. There’s a variety of styles, shapes and colors of roofing tile for all home styles, from classical to contemporary through the experts at PetraSlate Tile & Stone.
Clay roof tiles are only one of the roofing products lines PetraSlate offers through their extensive distribution network. Depending on budget, builders can either choose the premium natural Vermont slate, or the more economical concrete roof tiles. All roofing tiles, be it clay, slate or concrete are far better than any composite shingle on the market today. By adding clay roof tiles to their property, contractors and home owners are investing in a unique look, as well as a resale asset.
To learn more about the selection of roofing products available through PetraSlate Tile & Stone, please contact the company directly or visit www.sourcegroupproducts.com.

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