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PetraSlate Tile & Stone Adds New Carrara Italian Marble Tile Product to Inventory

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Denver, Co – PetraSlate Tile & Stone, a Denver-based wholesale distributor providing real stone materials for flooring, walls and roofing through contractors, interior designers, and retail outlets across the US, announced the inclusion of authentic Carrara white marble products to their already large selection of marble, slate and limestone tile inventory.

Although there are similar colors of white marble, Carrara tile, now available from PetraSlate Tile& Stone, is renowned for its consistent colors, subtle veining, and pure white shades. Just as true Champagne comes from Champagne France, so too does true Carrara marble only come from quarries in Carrara, Italy. Based on customer feedback and pre-order activity, PetraSlate Tile & Stone expects this new product to be a popular selection among customers.

“We were very fortunate to have sourced a substantial supply of Carrara marble in a wide variety of dimensional sized tiles, as well as chair rail, and intricate mosaics,” said Kristi Hada, PetraSlate CEO. “Architects and designers are going to be thrilled with this material because of its unique attributes and also the name – ‘Carrara’ has a meaning and appeal to designers.”

Dating back to the Greek and Roman Empires, Bianco Carrara is the most popular white Carrara marble among customers. The block of marble that Michelangelo carved into the statue of David was quarried from Carrara Italy. Today’s Bianco Carrara marble is taken from the same quarried region. Because of its elegant look, Bianco Carrara marble is also sourced as a popular interior design element that is widely used by designers for tile in kitchens and bathroomsas floor and wall coverings in residential and commercial jobs alike.

PetraSlate is providing this beautiful Italian marble through its network of more than 30 retail tile stores across the US, and through designers and contractors throughout Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.

About PetraSlate Tile & Stone

PetraSlate Tile & Stone came into business primarily as a distributor of quality slate products when slate was considered an exotic stone in the 1990’s. Over the 24 years that they have been in business, they have continually expanded their selection of products to now include, slate, tile, stone, and glass mosaic tile. Denver-based, PetraSlate Tile & Stone provides products to flooring companies, architects, tile installers, and construction craftsmen from the surrounding area.

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