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PetraSlate Offers Hundreds of Design Options for Finishing Your Tile

Petra Slate

Denver, CO – February 4, 2015 – Denver-based company PetraSlate offers hundreds of design options for finishing your tile to give your home more character and style. With the variety of methods available to finish your slate or tile wall fixtures, choosing the best one for your unique vision is best done with expert guidance.

There are many ways to finish slate or tile wall fixtures that can give them smooth, attractive and even functional edges.These features can add interest to your design and create varying styles, colors and accents. Cap molding, also referred to as “chair rails”, is a great finishing choice for bathroom and kitchen designs. This method stands out and forms a small rail, or ledge, that finishes off tile edges very nicely.

Homeowners not crazy about the look of an edge piece have the option of creating a tile design that is mapped out in a way that does not require edges. For example, if the tile pattern meets the edges of the cabinets and counter, it will not need an edge piece.If you need help measuring and planning out your pattern design, PetraSlate’s knowledgeable staff is happy to guide you through this process and realize your design.

PetraSlate’stile and stone choices offer something for all kinds of styles, colors and accents, giving you plenty of opportunity to mix and match to your choosing. From silver sands slate to custom-made accent tiles and liner bars, your dream theme can be fully realized at a very affordable price.

About PetraSlate

For 24 years, PetraSlate has been providing quality slate and tile products and educating their customers on the various design and style options out there. For anyone looking for quality floor and wall materials paired with excellent customer service, you can’t get any better. For more information, visit https://petraslate.com/.

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