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PetraSlate Concrete Pavers Offer Clients the Look of Natural Slate at a Reduced Cost

Petra Slate

slilvercreek2Well-established Denver-based distributor of hardscape products, PetraSlate Tile & Stone have announced that they’ve updated their inventory of concrete pavers. The latest products available through PetraSlate include Western Buff Slate and Bluestone Slate, which provide slate quality aesthetics and durability with the cost effectiveness of concrete materials.

Hardscape areas lend an air of natural elegance to any outdoor property. During the summer, they also help support the ideal ambience for social gatherings with friends and family. To ensure the best quality construction of outdoor areas that last throughout the extreme temperature fluctuations, homeowners must utilize concrete or natural stone paver products that have been designed with extreme conditions in mind. For this reason, Denver property owners are now capitalizing on the value offered by the range of Silver Creek concrete pavers now available through PetraSlate Tile & Stone.

The Silver Creek Western Bluff concrete pavers are a beautiful blend of tans and browns. They present a contemporary appeal within a range of garden areas. It’s this strong appeal that makes the product so popular with professionals such as architects and landscaping contractors. Homeowners, too, appreciate the fine, authentic look and feel of the Silver Creek Western Bluff pavers,

Homeowners across Denver will find all the latest and most popular pavers within the PetraSlate Tile & Stone warehouse. With a great range of hardscape products available, there’s a product for every type of aesthetic taste within the company’s inventory.

PetraSlate Tile & Stone was established in 1989 specializing primarily in concrete, clay and slate roofing products. They quickly began to see the larger possibilities in the ever-increasing popularity of natural stone for flooring and wall applications. With this focus in mind, the company name was changed to PetraSlate, and they began importing natural slate, travertine and limestone. To learn more about the selection available through PetraSlate Tile & Stone, please contact the company directly or visit www.sourcegroupproducts.com.

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