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What Are My Options for a Glass Tile Backsplash?


glass tile backsplash

While the backsplash in your kitchen usually does not cover much of the wall, the feature undoubtedly attracts a disproportionate amount of attention. As a style characteristic situated near eye level, a beautiful glass backsplash can provide eye-catching accent and highlight to any kitchen.

Moreover, glass mosaic backsplash and wall tiles are not only attractive, but practical as well. The surfaces are easy to clean, water-resistant, and will provide a lifetime of service.

PetraSlate Tile and Stone offers a wide range of high-quality backsplash mosaic options in a full spectrum of tile sizes, colors, textures, and shapes.

Why Glass Mosaics for Backsplashes?

Mosaic glass tiles may be applied in small or wide bands to complement the entire kitchen. Correctly installed glass tiles are easy to clean and merely require a wipe to remove water and other material from the surface.

The advantages are significant.

Custom Design: A glass backsplash is customizable, allowing the owner to choose from among an almost infinite number of choices to create a striking design statement in a space that is typically utilitarian. Choose between a brick, subway, or hexagon style or even consider painting behind a translucent glass façade to match your color scheme.

Expand Your Space: Glass tile backsplashes reflect and bounce light throughout the room, making a small kitchen seem more substantial while adding additional depth to the space.

Clean, Sparking, and Green:  Glass tiles clean quickly and are mildew-free, reducing the potential for creating an allergy-affecting environment. Moreover, because glass is recyclable, the use of glass tiles is a positive environmental choice.

Grouting Glass Tile Backsplashes

To do the job right, a professional installer with experience in applying glass tile is the best choice. Grout must be applied evenly and precisely to ensure complete closure of the seams without showing any excess through the transparent or translucent tiles. Grouting with unsanded material is essential to preventing unsightly scratches on the glass surfaces.

PetraSlate Tile and Stone Glass Tile Choices

PetraSlate in Denver represents the highest quality glass tile manufacturers. Their Bellavita line comes in 79 styles and shapes that are perfect for home or commercial use. Whether you prefer 1”x1” mosaic glass tiles or the larger and more dramatic 2” x 8” rectangles, PetraSlate has the answers.

Check with the professional representatives at PetraSlate for more information about glass tile backsplashes and other tile and stone materials. Whether for remodel, upgrade, or original construction, PetraSlate offers unique solutions for any application.

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