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Nothing Says “Elegant” Like Marble Tile Flooring

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marble tile flooring in an entryway
Whether for a kitchen, hallway, bathroom, or anywhere else, natural marble tile represents the pinnacle of luxury. The first choice of royalty and the world’s elite for centuries, marble flooring still graces the eyes and feet of visitors to palaces, museums, and public buildings around the world.

Today, we have beautiful, practical, and affordable solutions for home and business owners who wish to bring that grace and style of the Old World into their own interior spaces.

The Many Styles and Choices of Natural Marble Tile

Natural marble tile may be smooth or polished for the classic marble look, honed to reduce slippage, or tumbled to create texture and impart a more rustic appearance.

  • Polished Tiles offer classic brilliance and shine. Colors may vary, depending upon your taste and the surroundings, but the natural patterns and colors genuinely shine through with this choice. If there is a notable drawback to polished marble, the tendency to stain is more prevalent than with other styles. These should be treated regularly with a sealant for protection.
  • Honed Tiles are cut or ground to be perfectly flat, yet they will lack the brilliance of the polished marble tiles. As a result, the appearance is somewhat muted, although the patterns and colors are still present. The upside is that these are less slippery than the polished marble tile products.
  • Tumble Tiles have been subjected to a mechanical tumbler to allow the process to dent, scratch, and chip away at the tiles. The result is flooring with some irregularity and imperfections in shape and appearance. These, too, can be beautiful, although they are considered less elegant than the polished surfaces.

Colors of Natural Marble Tile

While we often think of genuine marble flooring as light gray, almost white, with slightly contrasting striations weaving through each tile, the stone is created naturally in a wide range of colors and tones. PetraSlate Tile & Stone of Denver, the true marble tile experts, offer real marble in a variety of colors and styles.

Here are some of the most popular shades of natural marble tile from PetraSlate:

  • Carrara White: Classic white with some gray veining from Italy
  • Calacatta Gold: white, gray, and gold
  • Angora: Beige to gray from China
  • Argos: Gray, tan, and cream with some veining
  • Basalt Combed: Dark gray to black
  • Blue Moon: Black, blue, and brown from Turkey
  • Vertigo: Gray with dark veins from Italy
    and, many more.

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