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New Vermont Slate Roofing Patterns

Slate Roofing

vermont slate roof tileDon’t get stuck on a single roofing color. Enhance curb appeal and add a distinctive look with new Vermont slate roofing patterns. Today’s slate roofing tiles are available in dozens of colors, allowing for the creation of visually stunning combinations perfect for topping off your most prestigious projects.

Broaden Your Horizons with Vermont Slate Roofing Blends

PetraSlate offers a wide array of Vermont slate roofing colors in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and textures. Don’t be afraid to consider stand out roofing colors and unique patterns, as seen in these popular Vermont slate roofing blends: 

  • Manor Blend
    An elegant mix of grays, greens, and purples Manor Blend weathers to soft buffs, tans, and browns. In use for over a century, this stately old-world blend tops some of the world’s most prestigious homes.
  • Imperial Blend
    An eye-catching combination of rare colors, when paired with small tiles, Imperial blend produces a stunning effect reminiscent of the majestic castles of Europe. .
  • Vermont Splendor Blend
    Vermont Splendor blend allows for the creation of a truly unique look, featuring graduated lengths and random thicknesses of classic Vermont slate colors. Each pattern is designed by the tile manufacturer on a job-by-job basis and includes shop drawings to ensure proper application and stunning finished results.
  • Custom Slate Roofing Patterns
    Add a personal touch with a custom roof design pattern.

Add a Distinctive Touch with a Unique Edge Profile

Create a look your customers will covet for years to come, maximizing the roofing investment and showcasing your work in your construction portfolio…

  • Create a smooth finish with no knots or knurls with tiles of standard thickness.
  • Add definition and depth, emphasizing the shadow line of the roof with textural slate.
  • Choose three or more distinct slate thicknesses for a rough, highly varied texture and more pronounced shadow line.
  • Diminish length or thickness from eave to ridge with a graduated design and installation.
  • Impart an old-world feel with a staggered butt design, intermingling two or more lengths in each course.

Enhance the beauty of any building and ensure long-term satisfaction with a distinctive blend of Vermont slate roofing tiles. For help selecting the perfect color to complement your next roofing project, contact the PetraSlate team today

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