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NATURAL THIN STONE VENEER: Perfect For Outdoor Living

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stone veneer outdoor fireplace

With a wide range of textures, colors, and stone types, natural thin stone veneer brings a classic, rich atmosphere to any outdoor setting. Stone veneer for outdoor fireplaces, walls, walkways, seating, and columns blends the aura of the Great Outdoors with genuine elements of style and permanence. 

Transforming your simple patio into a well-designed outdoor entertainment area, possibly for year-round use, adds enjoyment and long-term value to any home.

Beautiful, Durable, and Affordable

Creating a natural thin stone veneer setting for outdoor use is not a major undertaking. Leading cladding and flooring distributors like PetraSlate Tile & Stone of Denver are experts in the selection and installation of thin stone veneer for exterior applications and will offer experienced advice. Their product line includes an extensive array of stone veneers in slate, travertine, limestone, and marble, easy to install and available in choices to match the existing setting and create any desired mood.

Installation of natural thin stone veneer is comparatively easy since the skills of a professional stonemason are not required. Since each piece is pre-shaped, cutting and fitting is not necessary as with whole stone pieces. As a result, installation labor reduces, transport costs are less, and the amount of waste generated is nearly zero. 

Even the corner accessories are included to simplify the job further.

Patterns and Styles of Thin Stone Veneer

  • Slate Veneer
    Colors of slate stone veneer range from Arctic White to China Black and Mountain Charcoal with shades of gray, copper, silver, gold, and even silver blue ledgestone. The highest quality slate material is extracted from the deepest parts of the slate mines where the material has undergone the most pressure. As a result, high-quality slate veneer is denser and more durable than lower quality products often sold through some of the large chain hardware stores.

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