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Natural Limestone Flooring in Denver – a primer

Limestone Flooring Denver

limestone flooring DenverAt PetraSlate we are committed to bringing only the best in natural limestone flooring to the Denver region and our national distributors. Like all of our selections of natural stone floor tiles, we have scoured the globe to ensure that you can source limestone flooring that simply can’t be found in a big box store.

However, limestone flooring is not for everyone. Here we offer a primer on limestone flooring tiles so that your client makes a clear eyed choice about it.

The Advantages of Limestone Flooring

limestone flooringLimestone offers a wide array of beautiful hues and interesting striations that are sometimes reminiscent of marble and sometimes remarkably similar to wood grain. Limestone flooring comes in a variety of shades and textures and makes for a very attractive interior flooring choice.

While not as maintenance free as slate, limestone is fairly easy to keep up. Where most slate tiles are darker, the more neutral colored spectrum of limestone is easier to blend with a wider variety of area carpets and furniture.

Limestone is also a solid choice in sun facing rooms, the tile takes solar radiation and absorbs some of it quite readily without becoming too hot due to its usually lighter tones.

Finally, with proper care, limestone flooring is harder than travertine, its closest competitor in similar applications, as long as spills with staining potential are dealt with immediately.

The Disadvantages

The single largest drawback to limestone flooring is that it is a softer stone, which makes it less scratch resistant than other stone materials. Though the earthen tones mask scratches quite well and repairing scratched tiles is relatively straightforward, some damage in high traffic areas than with a harder stone choice.

As we alluded to earlier, limestone flooring is somewhat porous. Generally, the odd splash of water is a non-event, but kid drinks containing strong dyes and red wine spills need to be dealt with as a potential crisis, even if the tile has been sealed at some point.

The Bottom Line

Limestone flooring tiles offer a good balance between high-end elegance, ease of maintenance, and cost of acquisition. If your client is mindful of the fact that limestone flooring is not the hardest stone flooring they can buy, chances are they will be satisfied for life with your installation of it.
For samples, or a visit to see the huge selection of limestone flooring in our Denver showroom, contact us today.

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