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Let Nature In with Natural Stone Tile

Floor Tile in Denver

natural stone tile

Without question, adding natural stone tile for flooring can be the most dramatic addition possible. From Nature’s broad spectrum of stone types and patterns, homeowners can create virtually any ambiance they choose for any room. The range of most popular options for natural stone flooring includes slate, marble, limestone, and travertine, each with different styles and advantages.

Advantages of Natural Stone Tile

Besides the range of colors and patterns, natural stone tile is durable and easy to maintain. One very positive feature of natural stone tile is the variability of Nature’s unique patterns in each tile piece, thereby making every floor unique.

Undeniably, natural stone tile floors impart the sense of a real connection with nature.

Source of Stone Tile

Natural stone tiles from PetraSlate are products of nature, not chemistry. Made from real stone created by nature, the tile is precisely cut from natural stone and exhibit all of the features of rock creation over the millennia. Limestone and marble evolve from the fusion of water, soil, and sea creatures combined with heat and tons of pressure over the centuries. The striations and variations in the stone are merely the results of a slow and steady reaction to nature ’s metamorphoses.

PetraSlate Natural Stone Tile

PetraSlate’s natural stone tile offerings include slate, travertine, limestone and marble. Each stone type is offered in different styles:


  • field tile: colors ranging from black, copper, mixed shades, red
  • flagstone: irregular geometric shapes in mixed colors
  • tumbled: for rougher texture with multiple shades
  • Versailles-style: multi-colored in golds, greens, silver; tumbled


  • Old World, copper, silver, multi-colored Classico

Limestone and Marble

  • Black
  • Calcutta Gold
  • London Gray
  • Carrara White
  • Smoke
  • Wooden Blue

Seal the Surface  

While granite stone tiles are virtually waterproof, the other varieties of marble, limestone, travertine, and limestone each can absorb liquids in differing degrees, if not properly sealed. However, natural stone flooring is far less challenging to maintain than wood or other flooring materials.

Natural Stone Tile in Denver

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