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Ledgestone: The Perfect Design Accent

Ledgestone Denver


The objective of interior design is to create an environment that coordinates color, texture, and shape to please the senses, appeal to emotions, and provide the target functionality. Designers or homeowner approach each project with styles based on their personal preferences.

Important elements of any room design are the accents that may be incorporated that change or enhance the style of a room. Accent walls, for example, can change the overall appearance of any room, making it seem larger or add pattern and texture to an otherwise boring space.

Adding a natural stone facade to one wall or changing a fireplace surround adds drama or warmth to a room. One favorite option is to add a ledgestone accent to the room to achieve a striking new feeling of comfort and coziness.

Where Ledgestone Accents Can Make a Difference

Ledgestone walls have been around for centuries. The horizontal orientation of the stones, smooth or naturally textured, adds charm and beauty to home and building exteriors as well as to many features within. Ledgestone fireplaces, entire accent walls, columns, bathrooms and showers, kitchen islands, and stairways are excellent applications for this very popular style choice.

Installing Ledgestone Accents

Applying natural ledgestone to any surface can be a difficult task. Cutting, shaping, and stacking ledgestone units requires considerable work and expertise. Today, however, much of the preliminary work is eliminated with the natural limestone or marble ledgestone veneers. Natural ledgestone veneers retain the same variations of color and texture as the normal stone.

The core advantage of the natural ledgestone veneer is that each piece is lighter in weight and therefore easier to ship and install. Eliminating the waste before application yields a product that is lighter in weight and allows for more efficient application. The result: similar results at a lower cost.

Choosing the Right Natural Ledgestone Veneer

Natural stone veneers are available in as many styles, colors, and textures as there are natural stone types. From white and grays to rust and browns to charcoal and black, these may vary from piece to piece and layer to layer.

Ledgestone veneers made of natural stone can have a smooth texture or a rough, split face quality based on your style preference or the mood you are creating. One style, Blue Moon Split Faced Ledgestone,  available from PetraSlate of Denver, is a roughly textured, yet elegant ledgestone with a gray marble appearance and blue tones interspersed.

Granada Split Face Ledgestone imparts a more lodge-style impression with its brown and tan colors and randomly textured surface.

Another product, White Wood Ledgestone is shaped to impart a layered wooden plank effect.

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