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Customer Care Lessons for Natural Stone Veneer in Denver

Natrual Stone Veneer

Natural Stone Veneer in Denver: Quick Lessons in Customer Care Can Save Your Image

Following the installation of beautiful natural stone veneer in Denver, are you imparting any words of wisdom to customers regarding cleaning and care? A few extra minutes of free advice to end-users is essential to the preservation of the customer’s new product, and ultimately your reputation.

Isn’t leaving product care instructions with the client enough?
Not so much. Sadly, customer care instructions for natural stone veneer in Denver typically find their way to some crack behind a desk, and ultimately file 13, never to receive a single glance. Luckily, however, care instructions can be quickly and easily communicated by you, the professional, who strives for perfection in installation and has the trust – and therefore the authority to get the homeowner to heed your advice.

Don’t let poor cleaning and maintenance ruin your hard work prematurely
If you, like most end-users, find product instructions about as interesting as reading the dictionary cover-to-cover, take heart, we have a few tips to help you break down key points for the care of natural stone veneer in Denver…

  1. Don’t put on the pressure.
    Pressure washing natural stone veneer is NOT recommended due to the possibility of breaking down the integrity of the mortar, particularly behind the joints. Pressure washing can also force water behind the installation, and penetrate the surface of the veneer. Though natural stone veneer is strong, once water is trapped and freezes, the expansion and contraction could result in pieces of the veneer popping off, or in worst-case scenarios, breaking down, or “spalling” of the stone itself.
  2. Use a little elbow grease and a scrub brush instead.
    To remove dirt and stains from natural stone veneer in Denver and keep them looking beautiful without a pressure washer, simply enlist the help of a stiff bristle nylon brush and a bucket of mild detergent and water. Trouble spots? Try a solution of one part vinegar to eight parts water. Just be sure to rinse thoroughly with water.

The beauty of stone veneer is there is very little upkeep, which was likely a major selling point on the product itself. Therefore, maintaining the beauty of your installation with a little common sense advice to the end user will keep them happy and uphold the reputation that you work so hard to build. And if there is a unique build or environment situation, you can always contact PetraSlate for more extensive and specific technical or installation advice.

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