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Create a Wow-Factor with White Tile in Denver


Don’t shy away from white tile in Denver. One of the most refreshing and versatile colors in the spectrum, white tiles can evoke a sense of purity and cleanliness, or lead the way in bold, sophisticated designs.

How can you rock white tile in Denver with confidence?

  1. Go ‘heavy metal.’
    White pairs fabulously with today’s popular neutral color design schemes featuring white, black, grays, and browns in combination with stainless steel, brass, copper and gold accents from appliances to light fixtures, offering a great reflectance for the surface for these metals.
  2. Enhance modern or traditional kitchen designs.
    White tile offers a beautiful companion for both modern and traditional kitchen designs. Pair white tile floors or a white tile backsplash with marble countertops or white cabinetry and you’ve got a stunning, versatile recipe for success.
  3. Look at your surroundings with fresh eyes.
    Beginning with a blank slate, consider what speaks to you in your home. Dramatic outdoor views? An amazing kitchen fireplace? A stunning piece of artwork? White makes a beautiful canvas or backdrop for these features, bringing them center stage.
  4. Take advantage of white’s many shades.
    White tile is available in many beautiful shades, each represented in stone from marble and travertine tiles, to intricate mosaics. From pinks and purples to greens, yellows, greys and beiges, every color in the spectrum has a white version with these underlying hints. Not sure which hue to choose? Look to surrounding furniture for color cues.
  5. Learn to love layers.
    Layering shades of white or white with varying patterns or textures offers depth and interest, protecting against cold, flat designs.
  6. Embrace versatility.
    White offers a blank canvas for versatility in decorating year-round, from rustic autumn tones to bright bursts of spring colors. Simply change drapers, throw rugs, and pillows, and you’ve got an all-new space.
  7. Use it as a magic eraser.
    White works wonders at making older home eyesores (exposed ducts, architectural issues, drywall blemishes) disappear.
  8. Make color pop.
    An eye-catching color feature amongst a surrounding white interior offers striking contrast, adding punch and pizazz.

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