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The Tile Backsplash in Denver—Dated or Classical?


If you were to go by Internet or social media opinion lately, it would be hard to escape the notion that certain interior designers think tile in Denver area kitchen backsplashes are becoming dated. At PetraSlate, we contend that tile in Denver kitchens, such as travertine tile backsplashes, are not dated, they are “classical” and […]

Using Slate Ledge Stone In Denver For Outdoor Entertaining


Slate ledge stone in Denver is usually applied indoors, as accent walls, fireplace surrounds, and elsewhere. While slate ledge stone is a fantastic choice in such installations, indoor use does not take full advantage of slate’s best feature—its durability in harsh weather. Slate is called the “sheltering stone” because of its historic use as a […]

Natural Stone Floor Tiles in Denver—The Travertine Advantage


Though we carry many different natural stone flooring  products at PetraSlate of Denver, none of them have seen quite the consistent use as a high end flooring tile, whether in Denver or in Ancient Rome. Take in the breathtaking earth tones, the varied and banded looks it provides, the textures, whether trending towards a “chipped” […]

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