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Caring for Your Beautiful Travertine Shower Tile

Travertine Tile Denver

Travertine is one of the world’s oldest and most popular building materials. Throughout Europe, signs of centuries-old travertine construction material are virtually everywhere. Even many features of the ancient Roman Colosseum, a top tourist destination, are made from travertine. Interior designers are finding practical and beautiful uses for travertine tile material. Walls, flooring, and exterior […]

Timelessness of Travertine Outdoor Flooring

Travertine Tile Denver

Travertine has been a favorite natural stone material for flooring and walls for centuries, dating back to the early Egyptians. However, the ancient Romans discovered huge amounts of the material near the city of Tibur and began to use the stone extensively for construction of many of their buildings and plazas. The name travertine actually […]

Create Stunning with Your Choice of Travertine Floor Tile Patterns

Travertine Tile Denver

Travertine flooring has been around for centuries. The Romans often used the material as a complement to marble fixtures like columns or sculptures. The Colosseum in Rome was largely constructed from travertine, a true testament to the durability of this natural stone.

Quick Installs of Travertine Flooring

Travertine Tile Denver

Travertine tile is a natural product, made from sedimentary rock formed in and around the beds of hot springs, limestone beds, or near geysers. Travertine has been a construction material for centuries and is still popular for many visual projects like backsplashes, countertops, walls, and travertine flooring tiles. While travertine is a limestone, the exposure […]

Travertine Tile in Denver—Consider a Tumbled Finish

Travertine Tile Denver

When most people think of tile in Denver, what leaps to mind is a polished surface. For that glassy, architectural magazine or interior design website photo spread, this is the kind of popular look you always see. However, travertine has another look entirely, tumbled, that could be the tile that sets your Denver area home […]

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