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Extra Considerations for Shower Tile Floors


When creating a new shower space with tile, the key considerations are overall beauty, coordination with other parts of the bathroom, and ease of cleaning. For shower floors, two additional factors become essential. These are drainage slope and a non-slip texture. As a result, different tile dimensions may be appropriate for the walls than for […]

Bathroom Tile Backsplash Trends


A beautifully conceived, contemporary tile backsplash can turn an ordinary bathroom into an appealing and exciting space. Adding a colorful or elegant tile border behind a sink or even an entire wall can create a totally different feel to the room without an extensive makeover.

What Are My Options for a Glass Tile Backsplash?


While the backsplash in your kitchen usually does not cover much of the wall, the feature undoubtedly attracts a disproportionate amount of attention. As a style characteristic situated near eye level, a beautiful glass backsplash can provide eye-catching accent and highlight to any kitchen.

What’s the Best Shower Tile?


Shower walls should be durable and easy to clean while complimenting the rest of the bathroom area with attractive colors and highlights. Certain materials like mosaic tiles and even slate are fashionable, yet these can be difficult to install and less durable than large, beautiful tile products from PetraSlate Tile and Stone.

Bathroom Tile: Creating the Extraordinary


In recent years, designers and remodelers have placed far more emphasis on enhancing bathroom elegance and functionality than ever before. Many have chosen to make bathrooms more spacious and definitely more stunning than some other areas of the home. Prospective home buyers are frequently as critical of drab bathrooms as they are of boring and […]

Create a Wow-Factor with White Tile in Denver


Don’t shy away from white tile in Denver. One of the most refreshing and versatile colors in the spectrum, white tiles can evoke a sense of purity and cleanliness, or lead the way in bold, sophisticated designs. How can you rock white tile in Denver with confidence? Go ‘heavy metal.’ White pairs fabulously with today’s […]

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