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What are Stone Veneer Panels?

Natrual Stone Veneer

Stone veneer panels are manufactured to make stone veneer application simple and quick, even for do-it-yourselfers. The panels are prefabricated with pieces of real or manufactured stone glued to a base to create a “sheet” that can be applied to a wall surface. The process requires no experienced workmanship, artistry, nor does the finished product […]

Limestone Veneer or Brick?

Natrual Stone Veneer

Limestone and brick happen are two of the oldest and most durable building materials. While wood has always been widely used, the reality is that not many wooden buildings have survived the centuries, mainly because they burn down or have been simple to knock down and replace.

Not All Stone Veneer is the Same

Natrual Stone Veneer

For those in search of new natural stone claddings for interior or exterior surfaces at home or business, the options seem limitless. Not only are the varieties, colors, textures, shapes, and weights variable, but the sources of stone are different. Understanding how natural stone veneers are processed may help to clarify some of the variables […]

The Many Attributes of Natural Stone Veneer

Natrual Stone Veneer

The look and texture of real stone adds beauty and elegance to any interior or exterior space. In a family room, bath, kitchen, or any outdoor living area, natural stone veneers can simultaneously radiate a cozy lodge-like feel while presenting a real impression of luxury. When cladding with an authentic stone veneer, beauty, durability, ease […]

Customer Care Lessons for Natural Stone Veneer in Denver

Natrual Stone Veneer

Natural Stone Veneer in Denver: Quick Lessons in Customer Care Can Save Your Image Following the installation of beautiful natural stone veneer in Denver, are you imparting any words of wisdom to customers regarding cleaning and care? A few extra minutes of free advice to end-users is essential to the preservation of the customer’s new […]

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