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Caring for Your Beautiful Travertine Shower Tile

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Travertine is one of the world’s oldest and most popular building materials. Throughout Europe, signs of centuries-old travertine construction material are virtually everywhere. Even many features of the ancient Roman Colosseum, a top tourist destination, are made from travertine.

Interior designers are finding practical and beautiful uses for travertine tile material. Walls, flooring, and exterior coatings are popular applications for modern travertine tile.

And, for a truly traditional feel reminiscent of the old Roman baths, travertine is particularly popular in bathrooms today. However, while travertine shower walls and bathroom floors are the ultimate in class, extra care must be taken to ensure that lingering water does not mar or alter the appearance of the stone over time.

Tips for Protecting Your Travertine Stone Tiles

When installed, travertine tiles should be coated with a sealer for protection. Like many natural stone tiles, travertine’s texture can admit soapy water that will dry and leave a soap residue in the fissures of the stone. And, traces of moisture that remain can turn into mold and mildew and eventually weaken the sealant.

Bar soaps especially leave these residues on travertine shower tile walls that resolidify in the tiny cracks and dull the finish of the surfaces unless removed immediately.

Solution: After each shower, use a soft squeegee to remove the residues before they become permanent residents in your shower and dull the natural beauty of your travertine tile.

Tools to Keep Your Travertine Shower Tiles Looking Great

Besides the ever important squeegee, there are a few other items to keep under your bathroom sink or in the towel cabinet. According to the Easy Stone Care website, other useful quick-clean items should be:

  • Nylon brush
  • Grout brush
  • EasyOxy Cleaner
  • Soap film remover
  • Mildew remover
  • Stone scrub
  • Bleach for unpolished surfaces
  • Microfiber towels
  • Travertine filler
  • Chemical exposure safety gear

While this list seems daunting, you should know that you will not need all of these products each time you shower. However, these are useful for maintaining many other types of porous stone tiles and can come in handy when your tile loses its sparkle.

Daily Maintenance

Keeping your travertine shower walls looking great is worth applying a few minutes of extra effort each day. After the shower has been used, simply squeegee the stone and glass surfaces and dry to prevent mold. Leave the shower door open for air to continue drying the space.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Maintenance

Spray the entire inner area of the shower with EasyOxy or another similar cleaner and then wide dry with the microfiber towels. If you detect mineral deposits, scrub with the stone scrub cleaner.

Every Six Months Maintenance

Closely inspect every nook and cranny of the shower area for any additional deposits. Use the appropriate cleaner to dissolve any deposits.

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