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Beautiful Glass Wall Tiles to Brighten Your Home


glass wall tiles


For kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms, glass mosaic surfaces combine light, color, and beauty with low-maintenance, durability, and practicality. Available in a wondrous variety of styles, tones, and shapes, glass wall tiles are easy to clean and maintain their crisp, clean appearance for a lifetime.

Glass mosaics, as a decorative art form, originated centuries ago in Greek and Roman architecture. At the time, glass and ceramic tiles were placed on walls and floors to create a variety of designs and images.

Today, interior designers are using glass wall tiles in many applications. In some of the most elegant settings, you may see glass wall tiles in kitchens as backsplashes with adjacent countertops, in living rooms with half-wall designs, and showers and bathrooms.

The Sky is the Limit

Homeowners seeking to inject their unique personalities into their home styling theme can look to glass wall tiles to provide that extra zing. Glass wall tiles can even improve the look of stone and ceramic tile flooring.

Brilliant or Subtle Accents

As an accent, glass wall tile is an excellent choice. A colored stripe, a backsplash, or cleverly placed highlights, glass mosaics add fun and interest to a monochromatic or dull background. Colorful accents add sparkle and arrest people’s attention when they enter the room.

Alternatively, perhaps a more subdued color glass wall tile will stand out, while adding a touch of luxury to an otherwise boring scene.

Bathroom Accents

Placing colorful glass wall tile border around a tub or shower gives a bathroom a new appearance without calling for a complicated remodel. Moreover, surrounding the bath sink area and toilet with a fresh, spa-colored glass tile can give that setting a more vivid, brighter appearance.


How about framing your drab, brick or stone fireplace surround with an exciting glass wall tile border. This enhanced architectural feature will look great at all times but will add particular interest as the light from the fire interacts with the glass of the fireplace.

PetraSlate of Denver Has It All

Petra Slate Tile & Stone is a leading partner-distributor of the most beautiful glass wall tile producers in the world. Their premier portfolio of glass wall tile and mosaic products include:

  • Bellavita: With over one hundred styles, shapes, colors, plus many variations, Bellavita Glass Wall Tiles are among the highest quality, stylish glass tiles demanded by owners of upscale, custom luxury homes.
  • Onix: A producer of quality glass tile mosaics, Onix brand comes in a variety of shapes and styles in mesh mounted sheets of approximately 1 ft by 1 ft for easy installation. This product is also used for countertops and even floors.
  • PetraSlate Tile & Stone offers an additional range of quality glass tiles for kitchen backsplashes and other applications.

Visit the PetraSlate website for more ideas and information. To talk with a PetraSlate professional about your upcoming remodel, phone PetraSlate Tile & Stone at +1-303-280-9595.

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