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The Appealing Features of Ledgestone

Ledgestone Denver


A classic option for exterior hardscapes and interior stonework, ledgestone surfaces add beauty, warmth, and even drama to any façade. Revealing a notable horizontal orientation with a width-height-ratio of each piece as high as 5:1, traditional ledgestone is typically dry stacked without the use of mortar. Because of natural irregularities in dimension, the finished outer surface is usually uneven, with ledges and valleys that project a unique appearance.

Today, many upscale coffee shops, restaurants, and office lobbies are clad with ledgestone surfaces to create a natural,  warm, and relaxing environment.

Developments in Ledgestone Products

Installing genuine ledgestone can be very labor intensive, requiring significant skill,  experience and cost to achieve the desired effect.

Fortunately, technology has created a far easier alternative to trying to manage heavy and inconsistent natural ledgestone rock. New and more practical options duplicate the desired effect in color and texture with natural stone veneer panels. Available in limestone or marble, the veneer ledgestone panels replicate many of the colors and textures of natural stone.

Whether you want to create a stately exterior home cladding or a dramatic fireplace surround, ledgestone veneer surfaces are less costly, easier to install, and as durable as traditional stone applications. Patterns and textures can be lodge-like rough and irregular or clean and symmetrical to match any individual preference.

Ledgestone Natural Veneer Products

Available from PetraSlate, home and business owners can select from several styles of natural ledgestone veneers of limestone or marble. Colors can vary from nearly white to very dark with the mottling, indentations, and striations that are present in the natural stone. Light and dark grays, creams, rusts, reds, browns, taupe, and golden yellow and just about every shade in between are typical of ledgestone products. Surface textures of the natural stone may be honed into a smooth, split face or very rough exterior to achieve any desired effect.

Dimensions of Ledgestone Natural Stone Veneers

Limestone or marble ledgestone veneers vary in size and weight. The typical ledgestone veneer panel dimensions are around 7” x 12” and the weight of each piece averages around 8 lbs. The format and dimensions depend on the style of veneer chosen, but all are manageable and easier to install than whole stone pieces.

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Ledgestone is an outstanding option for exterior and interior upgrade projects. Whether updating a tired exterior or highlighting an interior room, ledgestone veneer panels can bring an affordable and remarkable change to your home or business.

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