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Answers to Common Slate Roofing Questions

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Many customers overlook slate roofing simply due to unfamiliarity with the product. When picking a roofing material, they turn to familiar materials out of habit. However, a little research into new roofing materials, such as slate, could offer a better fit.  Before choosing your next roofing product, the natural stone experts at PetraSlate invite you to learn a little bit about the advantages of slate roofing.


Stranger to Slate? Uncover the Benefits of Slate Over Common Shingles 

Unlike shingles, which last about 20 years on average, slate is what we like to call a ‘forever roof.’ Naturally beautiful and durable, slate roofing tiles last a lifetime, increasing the value of your home. In addition to the longevity of slate roofing, slate tiles offer further benefits. They are fire and mold resistant, as well as resistant to frost and damage due to freeze/thaw cycles.


Why Does a Slate Roof Last So Long?

Our slate tiles are hand-cut from a shale-type of natural sedimentary rock, making them extremely hard and durable. Because of the resilience of slate roofing, you can find it on many historic homes and structures, from Ireland’s Cobh Cathedral to Rockefeller Mansion in New York. How durable is it? A slate roof can easily last your building 75-100 years or more with proper care.


How Does Slate Roof Installation Differ from that of a Shingle Roof?

Because slate weighs more than traditional shingles, it can add 500 pounds to your roof. For this reason, it’s best to have a structural engineer inspect your roof to ensure it can handle the weight of a slate roofing tile installation.


Is Slate Roofing Offered in as Many Colors & Styles as Shingles?

Slate roofing comes in a range of colors, from muted neutral tones of grey and black to vibrant shades of green, purple, and red. It also comes in many styles and widths, including textures that range from rough and rustic to smooth, sleek tiles. With so many colors and installation possibilities, it’s easy to find the perfect look to enhance your home or business’ architecture.


What’s the Price Difference Between Slate & Shingle Roofing

The longevity of natural slate tiles makes them a pricier option than shingles, at around two-to-three times the cost. However, as a slate roof lasts two-to-three times (or longer) than shingled roofing, this is recouped over the life of the roof.


Is Slate Roof Maintenance Different from Shingles?

Never walk on a slate roof, no matter how flat the pitch. Do not put sealant or paint on slate roofing tiles, which can cause them to age prematurely. If your slate roof is damaged for any reason, a professional roofing contractor can easily slide out and replaced damaged pieces. To ensure it remains in top condition, annually inspecting your slate roof is recommended.


Time for a change? Redefine the look of your home or business with premium slate roofing tiles from PetraSlate today.

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