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Add Vibrant Accents with Vivid Glass Backsplash Tiles


glass backsplash tile


Whether for a kitchen or bathroom, a beautifully imagined backsplash accent can impact the atmosphere of the entire room. Even better, creating that accent with glass backsplash tile that adds real sparkle can be a definitive decorating statement that brings color and exciting light effects to the room.

Choosing the color and style of a glass tile backsplash is the first step. Specific colors, patterns, textures, designs, degrees of translucent, and reflective qualities can make the decision difficult. Some styles will be too bold for a homeowner’s taste while some may seem a bit tame.

Before committing the money, homeowners should take the time to work with a professional supplier of high-quality glass tile products to compare.

Glass Backsplash Tile Choices from PetraSlate

PetraSlate in Denver offers a wide array of glass tiles for backsplashes, ranging from 1’ mosaic tile applications of various colors and designs to the larger 12” x 12” glass tiles for a bolder statement.

When sifting through home design magazines and online articles covering the latest in kitchen and master bath decorating, glass tile backsplashes are showing up very frequently. The big challenge will be for the homeowner to decide which one is right for their home.

Mosaics and Tiles

PetraSlate offers nearly 150 different mosaic glass tile styles and colors. These range from white, pearl, gray, pecan, and khaki to moonstone, silver mist and black. In addition to several tiles with intricately designed inlays, the range comes in patterns of squares, rectangles, hexagons, waves, and even circles within squares.

Glass tiles also can be mixed among or between compatible shaded ceramic tiles to create a different and interesting effect.

Application of Glass Tiles

Glass mosaics may be mounted on mesh sheets to make installation easier and to ensure all seams are uniform. Larger glass tiles are usually individually set, which suggesting the services of an experienced tile expert for installation.

Visit or Phone PetraSlate in Denver

If you live near the Denver area, drop by the PetraSlate showroom to see their selection of tiles and mosaics. You may also view the variety of glass tile patterns that will certainly add excitement to any backsplash feature.

While glass is one very exciting option, PetraSlate aso offers a menu of other options including slate, travertine, and hardwood.

Call PetraSlate today with any questions regarding glass backsplash tile and installation. Phone (303)-280-9595.


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