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5 Popular Ledgestone Design Ideas

Ledgestone Denver

Change the looks of your home or business easily with the versatility of ledgestone. Ledgestone, otherwise known as thin stone veneer, comes in a variety of styles. With a touch of travertine, slate, marble, or limestone ledgestone, you can quickly transform even the dullest space into the centerpiece of your home or business design with these popular ledgestone design ideas.


5 Ledgestone Design Ideas to Liven-Up Your Space


  1. Create Drama with Stone Pillars & Columns
    Add elegance and prestige outdoors, as well as in, with the distinguished, timeless looks of ledgestone pillars and columns.
  2. Add Impact with an Accent Wall
    Space uninspiring? Add visual interest with an interior ledgestone accent wall. Though many think of ledgestone for its exterior applications, it’s growing in popularity for indoor use by today’s design professionals. Top accent wall applications include:

    • Living Room
      Ledgestone is an easy, affordable way to add texture and a burst of color to the typical white wall.
    • Kitchen/Dining
      Incorporating ledgestone as a feature wall or backsplash to kitchen and dining spaces adds a touch of elegance, allowing this heart of the home to double as a design centerpiece.
    • Bathroom
      Create a spa-like bathroom retreat with a luxurious ledgestone addition in the bath as a backsplash or feature wall.
    • Recreational Spaces
      Deck-out outdoor kitchen and living areas, man caves, she sheds, and other recreational spaces with an inviting ledgestone feature wall and accents.
  3. Craft an Elegant Fireplace Surround
    Ledgestone is an ideal choice for a fireplace surround, whether you’re installing a new fireplace addition or making over an older hearth. Pair with a reclaimed wood or stone mantel for an on-trend look.
  4. Design a More Inviting Bar Space
    Adding a ledgestone surround to a breakfast, BBQ, or liquor bar is an ideal way to compliment granite countertops and shiny cabinetry, imbuing a rich, earthy feel.
  5. Mix Materials for Visual Interest
    Mixing various natural design materials, such as wood and stone, can add visual interest and authenticity to your interior design, bringing the beauty of nature indoors. However, strategic integration is key: Incorporating one material as the primary element so that accents will not compete, but tastefully blend.


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